Harvest Festival


We enjoyed a lovely harvest festival at TMC yesterday where we explored, with Christian Aid, the work that is ongoing in Ethiopia supporting  women who are working their way out of poverty by working together to build small businesses. In particular we looked at a small business which was bringing renewable energy technology to a small village, improving the lives of the women who had formed the business as well as to the community as a whole.

The women run a shop together, which is powered by the sun. They sell goods, like water and soap, for the whole village to enjoy. The women are now able to make more money for their families, impacting upon their health and education as well as their own sense of freedom and power over their own lives. They are rightly proud of what they have achieved together. We supported this cause with our prayers and our giving and with a commitment to make wise choices about how we act in our daily lives (with climate change in mind) to support those who are struggling most in the world.

Our prayers also went out to our local farmers whose businesses have struggled with the extreme temperatures during the summer and also to the food bank where the non perishable gifts (of which there were very many) will go to this year.

We sang favourite hymns old and new as we gave thanks to God for the gifts of harvest.

Harvest blessings, Jayne

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